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Markings® by C.R. Gibson - Jumbo Black Leatherette Journal - Ruled, 7" x 9"

Item Number MJ29-13441


Availability: In stock

Product Information

Think.Create.Record.....With Inspiration. Our Markings line of journals are high quality construction and feature everything the aspiring writer or every day note taker needs.

  • Black Leatherette Cover
  • Journal Dimensions: 7 3/8" W x 9 1/2" H
  • 400 White Ruled pages (200 front and back pages)
  • 30 lines per page
  • Black Satin Ribbon Marker
  • Paper stock is acid & lignin free
  • Smyth sewn binding to lay flat for writing
  • Interior cover features a black/white pattern

© Markings

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Product Reviews

Absolutely perfect and reasonably priced

I have been buying these journals for years now... first through a distributor and now direct. They are exceptional value for the price. American made which in this case means the very best quality. Pages are crisp and perfectly cut, archival quality paper, pen rolls smooth on the pages. Buying direct cuts out middlemen and CRGibson makes the delivery as easy as ordering from Amazon. The books last too, spines stay strong. You can also write on the black covers with a gel pen. Superb 10 of 10 blank journal.

Posted by Muraco on 10/26/19


Excellent journal particularly for meeting and people on the go!

Posted by Frank on 10/22/19

Quality journal

I’ve used these journals for over 8 years now. Great quality and well designed.

Posted by Ryan S on 8/15/19

400 page journal

Love this Journal. It is hard to find a 400 page journal with heavy weight paper, makes it easy to journal.

Posted by Dan Fox on 7/28/19

So glad I found this

I have bought many blank books for my novel writing but realized this is the only one for me. Staples doesn't seem to carry them anymore (at least where I live) but that doesn't matter now that I can order them in bulk.

Posted by Andria Goldin on 6/27/19

so good I reordered it!

The journal's ruled narrow enough for my fine writing. Longest lasting journal I've ever had. It's a perfect size. I sure hope you keep this one available because I'll buy it again and again!

Posted by LGBryan on 5/18/19

Great Journal....Fix the problems with the Binding and "Leatherette" material used

As a writer, this is the PERFECT journal...I picked up 12 last year. My only complaint is with the thinness of of the cardboard covers and the thin "leatherette" material used in the binding. The Spin is disconnecting from the binding, from constant use. This is my only complaint. The Journal is perfect for my writing and sketching.

Posted by Steve Foster on 4/6/19

love my new journal

I love my new thick journal and the price I paid. i normally order from popular sight online but got it for less than 1/2 price on your sight. Thanks so much

Posted by debi on 3/7/19

The 400 page black journal

I love this journal . It leaves adequate room at the top of each page to title that page. It is a great tool for journaling and i use every morning in my daily Bible study. I had trouble finding it in stores so i went right to the source and I got 2 for the price of what one would cost me in the stores. Thank you for this valuable resource.

Posted by william Brown on 3/2/19

Stellar Line Spacing

I LOVE this journal. I was almost through my previous one and I wasn't able to find it at Barnes and Noble where I previously purchased it from.

Posted by Geoff Petrie on 2/8/19

My Absolute Favorite Journal

I received this as a gift from a co-worker because I used to obsessively journal. It is now my go-to for everything (educational, personal and professional use). It is so beautiful! It is an elegant journal to pull out during meetings too. The binding has stayed intact, despite my constant habit of leaning into my journals as I write.

If you are reading comments to help you decide whether this purchase is worth it, I can tell you it is!

This is only one of two journals I ever purchase anymore. I reccommend this journal to anyone looking for a padded, classy journal.

Posted by Kate on 1/30/19

Love Love Love this Journal

I have used this journal for years. Have several filled ones sitting on my desk at home. I use them for both home and office, keeping my thoughts and ideas together. I have a collection of journals that people have given me over the years but I keep coming back to this journal. LOVE IT!

Posted by Mary on 1/18/19

Best Journal

This is the BEST daily journal. It has 400 pages to write on. One each day plus enough to create important dates and charts. I have been using this journal for years, ever since I first discovered it at Walmart. This year I could not find it there. I looked in all the local stores and online. CRGibson was the only place I could find it. And the price was good. I ordered two!

Posted by Bonnie Neely on 1/8/19

Amazing Journal

Amazing journals that can be used for any type of notes or writing! Sturdy yet soft to hold and write on. I have found the journal in multiple colors such as brown, navy blue, and green but not anymore-just black. Wonderful color but I would love to see more colors for the journal.

Posted by Cristian Ortiz on 1/4/19

These are my journals for several years running.

Each journal I use to cover 2 years of diary entries. Top of the page current year, space left below for the next year. It's fun to look back the year before. Anyway, it's the middle of December and no more "new" ones . I about panicked with Walmart not carrying them apparently (as noted) The C.R. Gibson "Markings" inside the back cover saved me and brought me here! Ordered five to take advantage of free shipping and got 15% off to boot!

Posted by John on 12/13/18

Best Journal Ever!!

I'm so happy to find this journal online. The store I bought it from doesn't carry them anymore. I refuse to buy any other journal!! I love the way it lays flat and the line spacing is perfect. I wish they made multiple colors of this journal!

Posted by Angela Ackley on 11/2/18

Great product, great price

I got a great discount on this journal for around $7.79 and free shipping for 8 of them. Good quality arrived in good condition. Thank you.

Posted by Ahmad Al-warraky on 10/19/18

I can't get enough of these journals!

I'm working on my second jumbo black leatherette journal and I'm looking for the third one soon! seriously it is totally worth your money on this journal, I promise you, get it now!

Posted by Enid Rodriguez Isais on 8/4/18

Great for Sermon Notes

I purchased these to sell in our churches bookshoppe. Our members appreciate having a large, leather journal to take sermon notes in. They look professional, and ink doesn't bleed through.

Posted by Abigail Coupe' on 4/28/18

Excellent journal

I have begun using the journal. Previously I had used a larger journal with wider line spacing. I had been unable to find new ones. This journal is of excellent quality and suits my needs well.

Posted by Michael L. Rankin on 3/9/18

Cover Colors

I love these journals, they last forever and are great for anything. I just wish that there were more colors like blue, purple, and red.

Posted by Fox on 1/27/18

Great for Personaliztaions

I love this Journal because you can customize it with a sturdy book cover, plus the journal lasts forever. Walmart had this one but now I found this website! Love the quality!

Posted by Fox on 1/27/18

Markings 400 page Journal

I'm so glad I found these! They're exactly what i was looking for, I found i cheaper version before finding this and the paper didn't live up to my standards but these are so much like the one I'm using and I'm so grateful. Thanks

Posted by JH on 12/9/17

CR Jumbo 400 Page Journal - Thank You!

Do you have any IDEA how hard it is to find a plain, black journal with more than 192 pages at a decent price? Walmart used to carry something very similar, and they discontinued it! I'm an amateur writer and prefer to put my final drafts into something nice, and these are exactly what I'm looking for. I'm seriously considering a custom order, but either way I hope you continue to carry this line - I write A LOT.

Posted by Shane on 8/26/17

CR Jumbo 400 page Journal

I love this journal! I too originally bought them from Walmart but they stopped carrying them. Im so happy I found them. I buy them in multiple quantities and like others one of mine came with a slice on the cover.. it didn't deter me though and I didn't attempt to return it. I use them font devotional journals. The paper is thick and the binding is sturdy. I'll be buy more really soon.

Posted by Elaine on 7/12/17

Journal - 400 pages

These are my favorite journals. I purchased my first 6 from Walmart but they only carry the smaller ones now. After doing a desperate search online I found this website :) :) I too would like different color selections but I am very happy CR Gibson carries this journal.

Posted by kboxrudjr on 6/17/17

400 page Journal

Instead of paying $30 for a leather daily yearly planner in stores or on line for $25 at the larger on line sites, I enter the date on top of the page.
Plenty of paper for the year. Cant beat the price for a leather journal.

Posted by mhomick on 4/25/17

Ecxellent for fountain pen

I'm a fountain pen user and I'm really happy with the quality of the paper on this journal. I will recommend to all those fountain pen fans. Thank you.

Posted by Jose Veliz on 4/18/17

400 Page Journal

Very satisfied with the journals. I had a pink one and really liked it. I wish there was more colors than just black.

Posted by Bernice Marier on 2/5/17

Just perfect

I had got one of these in pink a few years back locally and was so happy to find them! I bought 2. It's really a nice book. Thank you.

Posted by Christie Fincher on 1/14/17

RE: 400 Page Journal

Hi Joy - We apologize for the defective journal! We have sent you an email regarding a replacement journal.

CRG Customer Service

Posted by CRG Customer Service on 1/13/17

400 Page Journal

This is probably the 8th 400 page journal that I have purchased. All of the others I bought from Walmart. When they didn't have them in stock, I ordered online.

I was thrilled to receive it in a week's time considering that week was Christmas week. Kudos for that!

However, the one online was near as good of quality as the previous ones I had bought from Walmart. There was a 2" tear on the inside cover and the spine of this journal has already separated from the cardboard. The latest journal is of inferior quality compared to the others I have purchased. I don't know if this was a fluke or if the newer journals aren't made as well.

All in all, I really like the journal, but will scout around Walmart again to see if they still have some better ones.

Posted by Joy Keishian on 1/11/17

High Quality Stationary

I purchased one from Staples for a bit more than the online price, but I assume it balances out with shipping. However, the price is exceptionally reasonable for the quality and volume of the journal. The journal itself is superb in craftsmanship! Although, I've noticed I have some trouble getting ink to flow properly when writing with a regular ballpoint pen. I prefer the ivory colored paper and spacing of the leather bonded journal as opposed to this white and smaller spaced variant. Although, the slightly smaller size and robustness of this one makes it ideal for writing anywhere and on any surface. I will now use these products as my primary source of stationary in this time/space. I greatly appreciate your services.

Posted by Daniel Phosphene on 12/30/16


Hi Breanan - We are very sorry for the shipping delay and for the damaged journal! If you could please email us at customerservice[at]crgibson.com, we would be happy to send a replacement!

CRG Customer Service

Posted by CRG Customer Service on 9/30/16


Had to wait two weeks for my journal to even be shipped out then when I finally get it in the mail, it's all broken and the leather is completely torn apart. All that time waiting just to be disappointed. I have been a loyal customer when it comes to CR Gibson journals but I will not be purchasing them online anymore.

Posted by Breanan on 9/26/16


Love it. Great journal

Posted by Lety on 9/25/16

The Greatest

I love these journals they are the best. I owned and use about 6 so far. I have been using them as a daily journal. I have been searching for them since I see Walmart has stop carrying them.

Posted by Cedric on 9/1/16

400 Page Journal

So far so good. I love the amount of pages for the price. I'll definitely buy again.

Posted by Ariana on 6/27/16

Markings Journal

This lasted me 5 years! It's the best. Would have given 5 stars if they had different colors.

Posted by E on 6/5/16

Poor sticker residues

I like the quality of the book which is why I bought 3! But the sticker residue found in the back is disgusting...perhaps you can leave the sticker inside the book and not on the outside.

Posted by Nancy on 4/28/16

RE: Great Journal, Customer Service not so much

Hi Madeline Kate - We apologize for the damaged journal! We would be happy to send you a replacement. Will you please send us an email at customerservice [at] crgibson.com?

CRG Customer Service

Posted by Customer Service on 2/24/16

Great Journal, Customer Service not so much

Two weeks ago i ordered two of these journals, but i received one of them damaged, it had a knife cut on the front cover. I contacted the customer service twice about the issue, but they have yet to give me any kind of response. it's extremely disappointing because it's a really good notebook, but this company wont even talk to me about any replacement or refund.

Posted by Madeline Kate on 2/17/16

Make your journal a keepsake!

Lovely, hardbound leather book.

Posted by Julie on 2/11/16

Not Quite the "Best," but they'll Do

These journals are good, but not great. To be honest, the only reason I buy C.R. Gibson journals is they are easy to write in, no matter how I am sitting and do not cost a fortune. I do have one complaint, however. In all styles of journals I have used by C.R. Gibson, the first and last page (sometimes two or three) are bound in a way rendering them unusable to write on comfortably. Seems the glue spreads over a little on the page close to the spine so you loose a few pages. I've also noticed they are now made in China. What happened? The first couple I bought were made in the USA! why are you outsourcing production now?

Posted by Jesse on 1/25/16

Fountain Pen Friendly

I write with a fine quality fountain pen. The paper is the right weight and texture for the nib and ink.

Posted by Steve on 11/7/15


I really love my Markings® by C.R. Gibson - Jumbo Black Leatherette Journal - Ruled, 7" x 9". I use it as my daily Bible note book and log. Now on my 2nd 400 page volume It is big enough for drawing small pictures of your thoughts. And large enough to hold and write while setting up in bed reading.

Posted by CARL FERRY on 10/29/15

Best Journals Ever

These are the best Journals ever these 400 hundred paged lines black nicely bound books are the best!!!!!! I really hope that they never get discontinued because my new baby that I adopted is going to have these for the story of her whole life I have six so far but will probably need way more than that

Posted by Alicyn C on 9/10/15

Love this Journal!

This is by far the best journal ever! I have filled three of them and just bought my fourth one. I'll be a customer for life, please don't stop making them!

Posted by Joy on 7/18/15

Like no other

This journal is great. I bought one a few months ago as my executive notebook. I've purchased similar products in the past that begin to become unbounded and sheets begin to fall out. This bad boy is perfect and an excellent price. I'll certainly be getting another when the time comes!

Posted by Donte P on 6/20/15

Amazing paper!

I'm using this journal for a History class in college and I am not disappointed with its makings! The paper is smooth and very tough, it works wonders with my fountain pen inks, I highly recommend getting one!

Posted by Elmer on 6/18/15

Executive Journal

I use these for our business service logs & I haven't found a better product. I will be back for more.

Posted by gemmeri on 6/16/15


I bought a leather bound journal and it is, without a doubt, the nicest I have ever found. The price was ridiculously reasonable. It was delivered exactly when stated. I will use C R Gibson exclusively for these types of purchases. Thank you!!

Posted by Lori on 5/28/15

Great Journal

I use a new one each year for work. It's great.

Posted by cemurray on 3/2/15

leather bound journals

I love these journals. I'll never use anything else :)

Posted by annmarie on 9/29/14

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