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Markings® by C.R. Gibson - Black Leatherette Planner - Ruled, 8.25" x 11"

Item Number MEBN-14683


Out of stock

Product Information

  • Debossed leatherette cover
  • Planner dimensions: 8.25" W x 11.1" H x .6" D
  • 200 white pages (100 front and back pages)
  • Each spread includes: Daily Agenda, Top Priority, To Do List, Notes, Phone Calls, & Date Areas
  • 2018-2020 Calendar Page & Special Dates to Remember Page
  • Paper stock is acid & lignin free
  • Paper stock is 80 gsm white, woodfree paper
  • Smyth-sewn binding for easy, lay flat design
  • Satin ribbon marker

© Markings

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Product Reviews


This is the best planner because you don't have to waste any sheets since it doesn't go based off of the date. It has the perfect layout and keeps me organized!

Posted by Lindsay on 6/17/19


I have used this for years no other planners have come close. I bought 2 dozen of them and gave them to employees to help track task and productivity and it worked great! Please get more in stock soon!

Posted by Austin on 6/10/19

Everyone who sees mine wants one!

So glad to finally be able to order these. I have used them for several years. I label mine a week at a time instead of daily. Each time a co-worker sees mine they want one and they have been so hard to find. Love this planner!

Posted by DeeAnn on 3/13/19

Favorite Work Planner!

I always struggle to stay organized but this has been the only planner that I have been able to stick with for work. I just bought 2 more to get me through the following months. That being said, I agree with other reviews. You should think about offering other color options. Keep these in stock please!

Posted by Stephanie on 3/7/19

Copy cat

I have used this planner for years and my husband said to me a couple weeks ago “I want one of those books like you carry everywhere that keeps you organized”. He wanted to go to the office supply store and we looked at countless options but NOTHING was as well laid out and simple yet effective as this and they were twice the money. We came home and I got online it took me a few minutes to find the planners and truthfully I started panicking thinking “OMG what am I going to do when mine is filled up”. I did find them so ordered him one and myself extras so I am stock piled till I retire! If you are looking for something to keep you organized and your head clear in a world of noise look no further!

Posted by Keli Williams on 3/1/19


I have tried a number of methods and notebooks to try to keep my meeting filled days and notes and projects all straight. This notebook is the best tool I have found and I bought 3 after my first one. Please do not discontinue this ever. My co-workers all have started using this notebook as well after seeing mine. Its absolutely perfect. The only thing I wish it had were 1.) a pen loop to hold my pen and an elastic to keep it shut as I walk from meeting to meeting. Also more color selection would be nice, but I can live with just black :)

Posted by Jessica on 2/28/19


I found my first one in a bargain bin at a bookstore, and haven't been able to find another since so I ordered more of them direct.
All other planners pale in comparison. As long as you keep making these, you'll have my business and I'll always have an amazing, high quality planner with room for everything I need to take on any given day. Thank you!

Posted by William on 2/27/19


I hope this planner never gets discontinued. This planner is the best ever.

Posted by Lucretia on 12/22/18

Thank you for bringing it back!

This is the best planner I have ever used. I am going to buy these up!

Posted by Bryce on 12/17/18

THANK YOU for restocking this planner!

I've tried many planners over the years and this is by far the best. I am so thrilled to see it back in stock! I ordered 2. That should keep me flush for awhile. Just two suggestions: 1) don't get out of stock again, and 2) maybe consider some different color covers? A nice brown or dark blue would be nice. Thank you for restocking this!!

Posted by Katherine on 12/11/18

Thank you!

I have been waiting so long for this product to come back in stock - thank you for bringing back!

Posted by Helene on 11/29/18


This is my absolute favorite planner. It's been the best at keeping me organized every day, including all aspects of my day that need to be recorded (meetings, calls, tasks, urgent notes). It looks to have been taken out of Target stores, which is severely disappointing.

Posted by Aubrey on 10/15/18

Restock AWESOME Planner

This planning book allowed me to get my thoughts in order and prioritize what responsibilities I should be focusing my efforts on. I want to buy my entire management staff one or two each. Please restock ASAP.

Posted by Katie on 10/10/18


I have used 5 of these planners over the last few years and I'm down to my last one. Please Restock.

Posted by Sarah on 10/8/18

Update Stock

Please notify me when the planner is available.


Posted by Ray Sisneros on 10/5/18

The Absolute Best!

This is the best planner for managing multiple projects, clients and appts....ever! Please restock.

Posted by Matthew on 10/4/18


This planner is so incredible that all of my co-workers are looking to buy it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-stock soon!!!

Posted by Emily on 10/1/18

Love this... why is it out of stock?

Please make more of these. It has the best page layout for my job.

Posted by Tina on 9/30/18


Please bring it back! I love this planner - helps me organize my work in a meaningful way. Please re-stock. Thank you so much!

Posted by Kelly on 9/27/18

Best Office Planner

I use this planner for my tasks at my job. I found this planner randomly at Target and this has been one of my best purchases ever from that store. I am able to use it for multiple days or just one. Please restock ASAP!

Posted by Ashley on 9/20/18

leatherette planner

I am sad because my favorite planner is out of stock and I need to replenish my inventory. Can we please have this planner back in stock with updated calendar section with 2019 thru to 2021. This planner project organizer and the project notes are the complete working pair.

Posted by Vera in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands on 8/30/18

Love It- Best planner Ever. Please Restock

I love it, cant find a replacement anywhere. Please restock. Best Planner I ever used.

Posted by Brad on 8/28/18

This Planner is Brilliant

I have tried to find a planner that can deal with the constant changes as my day progresses. It allows me to plan my day as well as major projects. Please restock and I'll buy two right away.

Posted by Kurt Joseph Hardcastle on 8/21/18

Highly Useful

This is excellent for teaching. It allows me to keep track of daily obligations and lessons without multiple resources. I suggest it for anyone who gets tired of hoping around.

Posted by Lisa Hayes on 8/19/18

BEST! I've been looking for this planner my whole life!

This planner helped me get organized and saved my job. PLEASE RE-STOCK!! I do occupational therapy in a school and have so many different things to keep track of. I used this planner all last year to plan out my day in 14 half-hour blocks, track my to-do list, emails and keep notes. I NEED THIS PLANNER! P. S. Thank you for designing this; I can't thank you enough.

Posted by Mary Arnold on 8/17/18

Brilliant Planner. Please restock....I will use these forever!

I randomly picked up this planner in Target because I needed something to help keep my daily tasks in order to keep from feeling overwhelmed. This layout is brilliant at helping me to prioritize every day. I love that it is blank since I only use it on the weekdays, so pages aren't being wasted, as well when traveling internationally I still work US hours, so I can fill in the hours on the Daily Agenda according to my schedule. I will definitely stock up on this planner if more are made available.

Posted by Sharvon on 7/12/18


Please re-stock I have been looking for this planner everywhere for 4 months now. I really need a new for this fall :(....Greatest planner ever, always kept me up to date.

Posted by SR on 6/25/18

Great Planner and Notebook

I love these two items, the planner is perfect for my needs. No specific dates and I can use it as I see fit over the course of my month/year! Its large enough to accomodate all of my appointments and taskers and looks professional!

Posted by Mike on 6/13/18

A planner for the "I don't want the frills" - Just the thrills kinda people.

Went to Target to pick up a planner for my boyfriend, ended up leaving with one for both of us. After using this planner for one day, I was legitimately excited to continue being actually organized. It sounds silly but the simplicity of this design makes organizing my daily tasks much less daunting. This option most definitely beats trying to keep track of multiple notebooks and getting over tasked, or those silly/frilly overly in your face designs. Also helps come formal review time! Long story short, I'm a picky woman when it comes to something that is supposedly going to organize me. I want something classic and not overly-complicated. This does it! Try and keep this concept around, pleeeeease.

Posted by Happy Camper on 6/11/18


I use this to keep on task every day at work and I'd be so lost without it. Although I use some of the sections for things other than the title, the proportions are perfect for me to be my most efficient!!

Posted by Erika on 5/18/18

Great product, great customer service

This is the best planner I've found - ordered 3, in case they are discontinued at some point. Love how you can customize for your own tasks and schedule, plus can include personal and work tasks in separate areas and specify emails vs other "to-dos". Had a problem initially with the order as the item was out of stock and the order was cancelled without notification to me. But customer service addressed my inquiry quickly, provided a discount code for my trouble, and helped me get the order placed when it was back in stock. Very satisfied customer.

Posted by Alisa on 5/17/18

I Need this!

Please re-stock this item! It is the most efficient notebook to fit my needs I've ever found! I need it!!!!

Posted by Dawn on 4/29/18

Please restock

These project planners are great and very versatile. Please continue them. (Please up-date the calendar page in the front)

Posted by Mary Manqueros on 4/26/18


This is the perfect planning tool. Really helps take you through the day by providing a place for To-do's, priorities, and daily agenda. Additionally, there is a space for Notes and Phone Calls. I adore this planner. Please restock!

Posted by Kiersten on 4/25/18

Love These! Please Restock

This is the most efficient planner I have used in years, since it is flexible with dates. You can plan a day, a few days, or more on one page.

Posted by Editor on 4/20/18

Please restock.

I've tested other planners and this is by far the simplest and most effective. They need to restock ASAP.

Posted by Eurostepper on 4/12/18


In about 6 months I will be ordering another one. Please keep this product!

Posted by Marci Trevino on 4/8/18

Leatherette planner...Best Planner ever...Love it to pieces

I am ready to restock my inventory and this planner is out of stock. I am in desperate need of 7. this are the prefect planning tools for keeping organized and are very workable with the project notes planner. They both are great for your work schedule; no matter what your job is. together they are excellent. please bring them back.

Posted by VERA JOYCE THOMAS-PINNEY on 3/25/18


This is the best planner I have ever used. It allows me to plan and execute my day flawlessly!

Posted by Tiana Belton on 3/23/18


Need to order more!

Posted by Jon on 3/21/18

Please restock!

Item Number MEBN-14683

Posted by Jean on 3/20/18


This planner has all the crucial entries for each day. Please restock it and notify us when it's available.

Posted by Jonie Gates on 3/19/18


I just filled in the last page and went to buy another and can't find them anywhere!!! Please restock this asap.

Posted by Kimberly on 3/18/18


This is best planner I have EVER had. I only found 1. please restock This format is perfect for various types of planning can be documented for classes, so much more I am willing to do a monthly subscription is how much I love this.

Posted by Mimi on 3/15/18


love the design and set up. NEED MORE PLEASE

Posted by Jill on 3/11/18

Please re stock

I would really like this re stocked ! Every time I try to purchase anywhere it’s out of stock

Posted by Ashley Preston on 3/8/18

I bought 20 of them...

This is the absolute best planner out there. Covers everything I need. I like them so much, I went ahead and bought 20 of them this time just to make sure I wasn't at risk of running out anytime soon.

Posted by Kyle Breeze on 3/2/18

Best yet

Restock and please inform us all when it's available. Thank you.

Posted by Glenn on 2/24/18



Posted by megan on 2/20/18


I'm extremely interested in trying this planner. Please restock it!

Posted by Marina on 2/1/18

Outdated Planner

I just bought the planner at Target and I love it. The problem is the yearly calendar is outdated the last year being 2017. Why are you charging full price?

Posted by Vonda on 1/29/18


PLEASE restock ASAP i NEED my planner - i FINALLY found the perfect planner (after going thru too many) and now i cant find.

Posted by James W on 1/23/18

Excellent Planner

It says you have 13 in stock and that it is out of stock. I hope you have 13...I would buy all of them!

Posted by Amy Vosburg-Casey on 1/9/18


Please restock soon, my entire office uses this item, we will buy in bulk.

Posted by Carolina on 1/2/18


Husband loves this. You need to bring it bck so we can order in bulk. Please let us knw. Need them asap.

Posted by Rhianna Brookshire on 1/2/18

Bring this back

This is the best! Fills all my needs, but can't get anymore. Bring back 2018 Q1 please.

Posted by Pat on 12/13/17


It really is the best professional planner I have used. I have a busy day full of appointments, contacts to make, side notes, and random things to do - it accommodates them all nicely and is a great reference when my memory fails me. I am not afraid to take it to meet clients and jot down notes. The space in it is perfect, I love it that I don't have to waste pages when I'm on vacation, I just skip those dates. The only improvement I could possible suggest is a slip pocket in the inside cover to store loose sheets. Aside for that it is the most amazing thing. I buy them every time I am at Target and will stock up through your website now too!!

Posted by Jessica Kuehler on 11/16/17


The new one isn't nearly as good. Is there a date where they will bring this back? I'm trying to order for myself, a coworker and my boss and ordering multiple for each.

Posted by Derek Bennett on 9/6/17

Please Restock

I don't understand why there is no more stock for this planner which is the absolute BEST. I've been scouring my town trying to find it, and I finally find the maker and its gone :(

Posted by Lindsey on 8/26/17

Please restock ASAP

I need more of these planners please!

Posted by Pete on 8/25/17

Please Restock

This planner was the best I have ever found at keeping me organized, please restock.

Posted by Victor on 8/25/17

Please restock

I really love this item and bought extras for my Directors. How can you be out of stock already? I would like not o order more

Posted by Dawn on 8/14/17

Please restock

This is the first planner in YEARS that has kept me organized, and helped me prioritize. I usually abandon planners after a few weeks bc they are more work than benefit. I came online now to buy 10+ of these for my staff, but I'm disappointed to see it's all gone. Please bring these back and let me know when they are available. It's a must have.

Posted by Nicole on 8/14/17

Do you not like money?!

I got one of these from a co-worker and it has changed my life (cheesy, but true!). I've been on the hunt and cannot find them in a Target anywhere and it looks like they've been out of stock here for months.

Do you folks not like money? I want to give a bunch of it to you, but you don't have what I need in order to make it happen. [Sad face.]

Posted by Brian on 7/27/17

Please restock

This is seriously the best planner ever!!!!! If I knew I wouldn't be able to find it anywhere I would have stocked up for a lifetime..Please restock it!!! I don't want to resort to using another planner since it's not the same.

Posted by Noemi on 7/27/17

Exactly what I needed

I bought the very last one of these at my local Target and was hoping to find them online here so I could stock up and buy 10 more, but shucks, it's out here too. As others have mentioned, PLEASE reprint this planner. It's by far, the BEST one I've ever used. The fact that it's flexible and not tied to calendar dates makes this so useful. I usually create random to-do lists on scratch pieces of paper that I eventually throw away, but now I can track whether things actually get done AND take notes. I showed it to my colleagues and they're wanting to use this planner too. This has got to be one of your signature items because I can't find anything remotely like it anywhere else. Please restock soon!!

Posted by Kim on 7/24/17


As others have already stated, PLEASE restock this item! It's perfect for my work projects. I have been searching for the right planner and this is it! Please reprint! Thank you so much!!!

Posted by Kelly on 7/17/17

Please carry this back in stock

This is the best planner I have found for my workflow so far. I used to get them at Target and now I can't find them there or anywhere else. Please don't stop carrying this planner.

Posted by Jeanie on 6/22/17

I need this planner!!!

I love this planner and It is out of stock!! Please let me know when it will be back in stock.

Posted by Susan on 5/19/17

Please Restock

I got this notebook today at Target. I love it. It was just exactly what I have been looking for forever. I am a daily planner and I need lots of space. This is perfect and very nice too. It has good paper and looks so nice. It's very important to me as my planner functions as a daily log as well. I often need to refer to my notes later. I write down things about work, personal stuff, funny things the dog did, just everything. It's my daily record.

Please Restock this item!!! I never want another planner.

Posted by Toni on 5/18/17

Wish it came in half size also

Love that this is so versatile!!! PLEASE make in a half page size too!!! I would stockpile those!!!

Posted by Amy on 5/2/17

Best planner

Love it!!! I bought 3 this time. Please dont get rid of this planner. It's a must have.

Posted by Tee on 4/5/17

Great Planner

Love love love this planner. It keeps me so organized!!

Posted by Tricia on 3/14/17

This planner is the best!!

I purchased this planner at Target initially and loved it instantly. I have tried SO MANY planner styles and nothing keeps me on track and organized like this one. I work in Construction Management and juggle many projects at a time so staying on top of things at work is crucial. Both my boss and my assistant have started using one after hearing my rave reviews! I love this planner! Please don't discontinue it ever!!! There is nothing else like it!!!

Posted by Ava on 3/13/17

Game Changer!

I LOVE this note book. It literally has all of the fields that I need for my day to day! I work for a tech company and manage multiple projects at a time, I have searched for something like this for a long time. I do use one note but I also need to write things out. Would recommend to anyone!!

Posted by Andrea on 2/21/17

Bring it Back, PLEASE!

Purchased it at Target and several coworkers want it now...How many people need to ask you to bring it back before you do?

Posted by Amy Golackson on 2/16/17

Best Planner Ever!

Please bring this planner back! I have never found a planner that worked so well for everything that I needed!!

Posted by Michelle on 2/14/17

Leatherette planner...Best Planner ever...Love it to pieces

I first got 2 on your website about 3-4 years ago and I liked them; so I continued searching for the Leatherette version, but only find the small cardstock cover version I purchase 3, then I went to Miami and saw them at Target so I started buying them again and because it seems to be a very popular planner I was only able to get 1-2 per store. I continued checking every Target since my Visit to Miami in September, October of 2016 and January. I love these planners and use them for my daily memory. I was lucky after continuously searching your website in January 2017 they were available again and I purchase 6 to fill my inventory for now. I'll continue checking the website and I will purchase them every time I see them so I will have an inventory of these perfect planners in my reach since I live on the island St. Thomas, USVI and we don't have Target on the island and my trips are only a few times a year. I love this planner it's professional, sturdy, and the best memory helper..
please keep the leatherette style in stock everyone loves them. You first had them in the black, grey, and turquoise when I first purchase them 3-4 years ago. Please also give us color choices.

Posted by Vera J on 2/11/17

Leatherette planner...Best Planner ever...Love it to pieces

I first got 2 on your website about 3-4 years ago and I liked them; so I continued searching for the Leatherette version, but only find the small cardstock cover version I purchase 3, then I went to Miami and saw them at Target so I started buying them again and because it seems to be a very popular planner I was only able to get 1-2 per store. I continued checking every Target since my Visit to Miami in September, October of 2016 and January. I love these planners and use them for my daily memory. I was lucky after continuously searching your website in January 2017 they were available again and I purchase 6 to fill my inventory for now. I'll continue checking the website and I will purchase them every time I see them so I will have an inventory of these perfect planners in my reach since I live on the island St. Thomas, USVI and we don't have Target on the island and my trips are only a few times a year. I love this planner it's professional, sturdy, and the best memory helper..
please keep the leatherette style in stock everyone loves them. You first had them in the black, grey, and turquoise when I first purchase them 3-4 years ago. Please also give us color choices.

Posted by Vera J on 2/11/17


This leather planner is perfect. Room to accomplish all my daily needs in an organized fashion.

Posted by Michelle on 2/10/17

LOVE this Planner

I absolutely love this planner. I found my first one at Target and panicked when I was getting to the end of it so I knew I had to order more. I have not found another planner that makes me as productive as I am with this one. Please make more of these. Please! My job depends on it :)

Posted by Cassie Scott on 2/3/17

Great Planner, where is it??

I LOVE this planner! In fact, like some others, I found it at Target. I excitedly logged onto this website in the hopes of stocking up and getting a couple more. Unfortunately, it appears as if this has been out of stock for a while. This is a great planner and hopefully they will bring it back soon.

Posted by Edwina on 1/17/17

Markings Planner

I found this planner at Target in 2016. It is THE BEST planner I have ever used. Please Please Please bring these back!!!

Posted by Natasha on 11/7/16

I agree

Found this at Target. Notice they are not carrying anymore and liked it so much to search direct. Super bummed it is not being produced. No other product I found quite like it. Please make more.

Posted by Todd on 9/28/16


I used to manually create a folder with this almost exact layout and was floored when I found it in a local target. It is the BEST planner I have used and I need a replacement. Please bring back in stock!

Posted by Haley on 9/27/16

Ramp Up Inventory

Why are you out of stock on this best journal ever?!

Posted by Laura on 9/22/16

Where is my planner???

I depend on this excellent planner---please bring this back; my daily life is organized around its categories and simple structure. PLEASE!!!

Posted by Natasha on 9/17/16


Cannot work without this book, it helps me be so organised...I need another one, but out of stock for so long. Could you at least put up a date when you expect?

Posted by keely on 9/14/16

Some good, some not

I am really liking this journal, it's doing a good job of helping me get organized and staying on top of my work. That said ordering them directly was a problem and something I won't do again. It took far longer than it should have, and when I got the package it had a sticker on it that I needed to have been "audited". No idea what that entails or why, but it seems to have played a part in my ordering taking so long.
I like the product enough to keep using them, but if I ever need more I'll find them elsewhere.

Posted by Mike Bast on 9/6/16

This is a necessary item... Please Bring Back!!

The impeccably efficient and elegantly simple, it is very easy to maintain a disciplined routine, making life easier. Please bring this product back. You have a ready customer right here.

Posted by Melissa on 9/2/16

Best Planner

Why is this out of stock? I just bought 5 of the spiral Tech planners because this is not available! Please bring these back in stock. And email me when you do. Thanks.

Posted by ARTHUR on 7/26/16

Best Planner EVER!

Why why why would you not keep this in stock???? I spoke to a customer agent and they said you were discontinuing this planner. Please tell me this is not true. I have been through dozens of planner in my life and this is the best one I have ever used.

Posted by Ashley on 7/21/16

I need a new one!

This is the best planner, in fact I used it so much, I need another one! However, I can't find another anywhere. Please start carrying them again!

Posted by Brittany on 7/18/16

Agreed - Please bring these back...

I have used these for the past year and love how they help stay organized from day to day!!! When I wanted to get a new one for me and my husband, I could not find them anywhere. I hope they are coming back soon!!!

Posted by Verena on 7/17/16

Please bring these back...

I just found this and the NOTES book at target. I want to buy several for my staff, and find they are out of stock. Best duo for work and home ever. Love the writing on the paper, and the way they are organized. I sure hope these don't go away permanently...

Posted by Beverly on 7/13/16

Best day to day planner

This planner is great for day to day tasks that are not dependent upon a daily structure. You can select the date you use it daily so it works well for my job where there are off days. I went through it in about six months as there are 2 pages for each day.

I am hoping this product comes back in stock.

Posted by Alex on 7/5/16

I'm in love!

I found two of these planners at Target. I bought one on the spot, tried it, and HAD to go back for the other. They perfectly complement my work style, and the quality is great. I showed it to someone else, and she was really impressed. (Note: The paper may not be thick enough for some pens.)
I've been using my planners for two different projects, but I'm afraid of what happens when I use them up. I haven't been able to find more of these beauties anywhere, and I don't think I'd like the wirebound, "tech" version. (Especially with its brown color.) Crossing my fingers that a new shipment will come in. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Posted by Val on 6/30/16

The most functional daily planner ever!

This daily agenda book is perfect for my needs at work! It allows me to map out my day accordingly, and has space for jotting down meeting notes or any miscellaneous things. I am able to keep track of my daily tasks, as well as add new ones while the day continues. I also like the phone call section because I have a list of phone calls I need to make for the day ahead, and cross them off as I go.

I am extremely disappointed that it is no longer in stock, and it can't be found anywhere (including Target where I originally purchased it). Please bring this item back!

Posted by Stacy on 6/27/16

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